Vocational Legal Education

  • Practical Transactional Legal Education
    • Our offices are currently in the Provinces of Gauteng, and the Western Cape.
    • All South African Universities’ Law Clinics offer free legal services to the indigent and Clinical Education to Law Students. Notwithstanding, these services exclude not only free legal representation to indigent low-cost entrepreneurs and their transactions, but also exclude Clinical Legal Education on Transactional Lawyering to its students.
    • South African Universities will be invited to expose their students to transactional clinical education.
    Practice Ready Lawyers vs Social Justice Lawyers
    • The Law Graduates released to the world of work are incompetent and are burdensome to the Legal Fraternity. Whilst they have read the Law they struggle to adapt to the practice and application of Law in real life.
    • Recent practical research conducted by the incorporators, at The University of Witwatersrand, with a sample of 89 Law Students over four years proved that lack of vocational training amongst Law Students for the duration of their studies deprives them of imperative practical skills.
    • Currently, Law students are only exposed to practical clinical legal training during their final year of studying towards their LLB Degree. This oversight has produced an inferior caliber of candidate legal practitioners, since theory is vastly different to the practice of Law.
     Moot Court Towards Vocational Legal Education
    • The firm’s education division will also consist of a Moot Court, which will host monthly Moot competitions between local and international law schools, to support law students with their litigation practice from the first year of their Baccalaureus Legum (LLB) studies. Through these moot competitions, not only will students keep abreast with the various challenges faced by the legal profession, but they will also develop their research and argument skills to an internationally adequate standard. Furthermore, they will develop and refine their drafting skills.
    • The Moot Courts will be adjudicated by Law Professors specialising in various areas of Law, Senior Legal Practitioners and retired Judges.
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