Service Modalities Post Covid-19

Online Portal with Comprehensive Online Resources
  • In re-imagining Legal Aid for the indigent by extending access to free legal representation to low-income entrepreneurs, small medium micro enterprises “SMME’s” and other small community-based social enterprises, we acknowledge the fact that this imperative sector of economy was already in distress before Covid-19. The advent of Covid-19 introduced new challenges, the most devastating being further collapse of the economy and the interface restrictions.
  • In response, LUTEJ establishes an online portal with comprehensive online resources for low-income entrepreneurs to benefit from interdisciplinary market collaboration with a range of professional experts to reinforce services offered to the small business segment.
Experts offering professional counselling services for the distressed, that cover problems emanating from Covid-19 psychological distress. Experts offering strategic advice and comprehensive documentary preparation, including but not limited to: •Strategic planning experts • Digital Marketing • HR experts • Operational management • Socio-Economic Advice • Technical Assistance • Business Model Innovation • Business Administration • Negotiate and Prepare Contractual agreements towards capitalising their entities.
Tollfree Call Centre and Resource Chat Room
  • Since it is not everyone that has access to a computer and/or data to access the internet, LUTEJ offers a toll free call-centre service for telephonic consultations.
  • On matters that cannot be concluded on the telephone, the public is welcome at our offices where we avail a fully resourced chatroom by appointment only.
  • The Online proximity enables LUTEJ to extend legal services, financial literacy, and comprehensive enterprise development services to the entire country.
 End to End Contact Centre
  • LUTEJ’s services are not restricted to electronic services and/or online proximity.
  • LUTEJ appreciates however, that certain matters will be too intricate to resolve electronically, and/or through the tollfree call centre.
  • In such instances, clients will have access to our end-to-end contact centre, where they can speak directly with one of our legal practitioners through a glass screen, having due consideration of social distancing requirements.
Case Studies