Practice Areas

Legal Services

Other Legal Representation

We aim to achieve this goal through educating and defending every individual who approaches our Institution with a valid legal and/or entrepreneurial matter. More, by exposing all opportunities available to this undeserved sector to enable self-reliance. Our default model is representing our clients outside the courtroom.

Non-Adversarial Legal Representation

The Transactional Law Clinic will offer the overall navigation of legal obstacles and transactional barriers to entry faced by inter alia small, medium and micro enterprises (SMME’s), informal businesses, rural community enterprises, low-income entrepreneurs and other community based-organizations engaged in commercial or economic development activities, prior to problems occurring

Small Medium Micro Enterprise “SMME” Legislation

The Transactional Law Clinic aims to lobby for Legislation which provides comprehensive corporate protection for a simpler form of entity in a form of a social enterprise, SMME’s and informal enterprises, since Legislation for non-profit and for-profit companies is too laborious for the for low-income entrepreneurs and their small social enterprises.